Approach Systems Inc. Announces "APIC", the first Glass Cockpit Open Systems Software Product for PDAs, Tablets, Laptops and Embedded NT Panel Mounted Displays.

Puyallup, WA. Northwest Aviation Conference and Exhibit, Friday, February 20, 2004, Approach Systems Inc" Approach", the creator of the innovative avionics Hub and Cable systems is introducing a revolutionary new Open System Software Product, targeting the glass cockpit. APproach Integrated Cockpit. "APIC" is a suite of "Windows "based software packages that integrate cockpit, displays, sensors and interfaces. For the first time, glass cockpit functionality is available on handheld PDAs, Tablet PCs, Laptops and eventually imbedded NT panel mounted displays with Moving Map, GPS, Primary Flight Display (PFD), Engine, Fuel, Air Data, Weather and TCAS information.

At Puyallup, Approach is introducing APIC/CE, PDA (PocketPC 2003), APIC/XPT for windows based Tablet PCs, and APIC/XP for laptops. The moving map, MFD and PFD S/W from Approach sells for $299 regardless of the platform ($199 for download distribution). Adding hardware completes the configuration to each customer's requirements. The distributed architecture allows APIC to match the display, i.e. PDA, Tablet or Panel mounted system with as little as a GPS or a complete set of engine sensors, airdata computer. A customer can start with a PDA and migrate with the system to larger displays to fit there needs and comfort with "Glass Cockpit" technologies.

"APIC was developed to take advantages of advances in COTS (commercial off the shelf) technologies. Integrating off the shelf technologies significantly lowers the overall cost of ownership for the life of an aircraft. An open modular architecture lowers the cost of adding new technologies to what has been historically, a steam gauge industry," said Kieth Sorenson, President Approach Systems. "There are significant developments going on in AHRS (solid state gyros) by numerous companies. Real time weather is available from a number sources, engine monitoring is becoming a standard part of MFD's,. Integrating the latest and lower cost solutions provides for more technologically advanced solutions. APIC can interface to any of the Crossbow, Honeywell AHRS units, additionally, there will be new AHRS devices announced in the next 12 months to yet lower solid state gyro costs." XM Weather will soon be available for the APIC environment.

APIC is display based and incorporates up to 16 different windows, PFD, MFD, MAP, engine, Air data, Nav/Comm control, entertainment, autopilot, TCAS, terrain awareness, etc. Each screen can be any mix of displays or one large display. APIC/CE only allows one window at time!

At the Northwest Aviation Conference, Approach is introducing the APIC-CE Software with a $100 off (the normal $299) special $199 until April 19, 2022(the last day of Sun-N-Fun).

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