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Approach Systems does it again. From the same company that revolutionized the avionics wiring process, comes a cutting edge hand held "glass cockpit" solution! Unlike any other aviation GPS or moving map system, APproach Integrated Cockpit (APIC) combines a PFD, MFD, HSI, high resolution terrain depiction and warning, plus many additional features that every pilot needs. Because APIC is designed and supported by pilots, you can rest assured that you won't find a more user friendly and cost effective solution to get that "glass cockpit" that you've always wanted. APIC includes features that our competitors offer as "upgrades", why pay more if you don't have to.
In conjunction with WxWorx, XM Weather information is now available on APIC with realtime weather on the moving map. APIC now includes and additional setting page to allow the user to popuplate or depopulate the moving map with detailed weather information. This will include TAF, Metar, Radar, Lightning Strikes, Airmets, Sigmets, and TFR information. To integrate this data into the APIC software an XM Weather Box must be purschased from Approach along with a subscription to the XM Weather.
Below is a cutting edge "glass cockpit" along with actual APIC screenshots showing the comparison. Click on each of the different PDA screens for more info...

A quote from a recent customer:
"I have purchased the APIC program at the AOPA Expo. Let me start by saying you did not over sell the programs capabilities. I have used Anywhere Map up to this point but I have a feeling it will be the second choice from now on for me..."

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