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APIC Price List
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APIC is glass cockpit functionality on handheld PDA's and tablet PCs. The APIC software functionality rivals capabilities on $50,000 systems. APIC is far more complete than any other existing PDA software provider. With APIC you have more than just a color Moving Map. You have feature rich functionality at a fraction of the cost of comparable systems. With APIC and your PDA in hand, here are the features you can begin to use. Call Approach at 801-802-8079 if you have any questions or need assistance.
Software for PDA Download $199.00
Software for PDA CD ROM $275.00
Software for PDA SD Card $299.00
28 Day Update Download $99.00
28 Day Update CD ROM $299.00
28 Day Update SD Card $599.00
PDA iPaq 2215 $399.00
PDA Mio 168 (integrated GPS) $499.00
GPS CF Card $199.00
GPS Blue Tooth $299.00
Cradle Window Mount $45.00
Cradle Yoke Mount $59.00
Power Adapter 12/24V volt adapter $29.00

APIC/W Price
Software for Tablet
Download $199.00
Software for Table
CD Rom $299.00
28 Day Update
Download $99.00
28 Day Update
CD Rom $299.00
28 Day Update
SD Card $599.00
Tablet HP Compaq TC1100 $2,399.00
CF Card $199.00
GPS Blue Tooth $299.00
Power Adapter 12/24V adapter $29.00
EPod Price
Engine Sensor Pod Analyzer
4 Cylinder Probe Set
6 Cylinder
Electronic solid state gyro $2499.00
***Prices are subject to change without notice. ***
Approach Systems Corporation 801.802.8079 www.approach-systems.com

Apic Pricelist
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