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APIC Documentation

APIC HelpOnline help files for APIC. Instructions and tips for all users of APIC can be found here.
LiteratureFour page glossy brochure describing APIC system and architecture.
APIC Animated TutorialsAn assortment of animated tutorials in the form of Flash demonstrations are available for viewing here for the convenience of our customers.
Data SheetTechnical data sheet describing APIC System.
APIC Product Manual
Windows XP™ | Windows Mobile™
Manual includes everything from "Getting Starting" to "Tricks and Tips." See what APIC software looks like and how it works.
APIC Release NotesThis is a Readme file. It describes ALL new features added to APIC software in each monthly update. You know every month what you are downloading.
WxWorx Installation ManualWxWorx (the most powerful in-flight weather system) works GREAT with APIC.
APIC Warranty

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