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APIC Monthly Updates

Approach Systems has added some GREAT new features to our APIC GPS Aviation software which many of you already own.

For ONLY $89 you can receive the latest version of APIC, the latest available flight data, and any updates we implement for the next 12 months.


  • Self Serve Fuel is now viewable on the nearest airport page.
  • Victor Airways are now viewable on the moving map.
  • Flight Tracking allows you to view where you have gone on Google Earth.
  • Extensive database of all airports (small to large), seaplane bases and heliports.


  • Flyable Approach Plates. The FAA approach plates are viewable along side the normal APIC instrumentation. You will also be able to see your current location (as determined by the GPS) projected onto the approach plate, making it much more convenient than having a book full of approach plates to have to flip through.

The updates ALWAYS include 28 day FAA updates and NEW features we add to APIC software. We will notify you by email each month to let you know when the updates are available on our website.

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Once your order has been processed you will receive notification by email that your subscription has been updated and you will be able to download updates.

Thank you for using APIC!

APIC has become the best flying companion PDA/Glass Cockpit you could ask for and includes the following highlights:

  • Primary Flight Display
  • Flight Planning including GOTO & Moving Maps
  • 2D Terrain Depiction & Terrain Awareness
  • Vertical Navigation w/Vertical Cloud & Freezing Levels (req’s weather)
  • HSI and VOR Indicators
  • Look Ahead ATIS to help you find that next frequency
  • Flight Plans & Airport Search Functions
  • Satellite Connection Indicator
  • XM Weather (requires data receivers) – Once you try it you’ll never go without!
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