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APIC Approach Plates


Now in addition to merely displaying standard NOS approach plates, APIC can display AND fly both the horizontal and vertical let down sections of the standard NOS approach plate! The display can be configured for simultaneous display of PFD, Moving Map and Approach Plate or Airport Diagram. This capability is a NO COST addition to our standard award-winning APIC software. APIC is plug and play; the user does NOT need to 'calibrate' their plates. Calibration for all 12,000+ plates is already done by Approach Systems.


Approach Systems will mail you a CD-ROM containing all 50 states of USA NOS plates AND APIC's Plate manager every 28 days for one year for ONLY $99/year.


We are MORE than paper approach plates on a PocketPC or Tablet!!!


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System Information

If you plan to use Approach Plates, we suggest additional memory; either a SD or a CF memory card. Large format screens like Tablets, Laptops, and PCs permit viewing nearly the full Approach Plate. (Flyable Approach Plates work best with Windows XP and Mobile 5.0 & 6.0 operating system.)


Want to view the Approach Plates now? All APIC software NOW includes Approach Plates for the following airports: JFK, ORD, DEN, LAX, and KOSH.


The price for the software is $99 and includes 1 year of 28 day  updates.

(13 updates/year)


FAA: July 23, 2007 - Use Approach Plates

FAA: July 20, 2007 - Advisory Circulatory (AC 91-78) (.pdf)

   - Electronic Approach Plates Approved