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OREM, Utah, Jan 21, 2022 — Approach Systems Inc., creators of the innovative Plug & Play “Fast Stack” Hub and Cable System and APIC (APproach Integrated Cockpit) glass cockpit software just released the latest in satellite information technology. In conjunction with WxWorx, XM weather information is now available on APIC with realtime weather on the moving map.

APIC now will include an additional setting page to allow the user to populate or depopulate the moving map with detailed weather information. This will include TAF, Metar, Radar, Lightning Strikes, Airmets , Sigmets and TFR information. To integrate this data into the APIC software an XM Weather box must be purchased from Approach ($695) along with a subscription to the XM Weather ($49).

APIC/Weather is now a standard element of the APIC S/W package. Existing customers are automatically upgraded with this month’s next 28 day update (Jan. 20, 2005).

“XM Weather is the obvious solution to in-flight realtime weather”, says Kieth Sorenson, President, “Weather is now available to APIC customers for just the cost of the XM Weather receiver and a monthly subscription.”

APIC is an extensible glass cockpit software package that integrates all PFD, MFD, Terrain, Weather and Engine functionality in a single software product. APIC works with all Windows Mobile 2002 & 2003 based PDA’s, Windows XP tablets and embedded XP panel-mounted displays.

The moving map, MFD and PFD software from Approach sells for $249 regardless of the platform. Adding hardware completes the configuration to each customer’s requirements. The distributed architecture allows APIC to match the display (i.e. PDA, Tablet or Panel mounted system) with as little as a GPS or a complete set of engine sensors. A customer can start with a PDA and migrate to larger displays to fit their needs and comfort with as they get used to “Glass Cockpit” technology without having to replace sensors or other hardware.

Go to http://www.Approach-Systems.com/Apic/ for more information on APIC.

Approach Systems, Inc. is based in Orem, Utah. The company is focused on developing products that automate and simplify the upgrade and retrofit process of general aviation electronics (avionics). The products are based on modular technologies using aerospace standard components, materials and computer technology. For more information, visit http://www.approach-systems.com . For further information, please contact Approach Sales Department, sales@approach-systems.com, or at 801-802-8079.

Copyright 2004 Approach Systems Inc. All rights reserved. Approach, APIC, Fast Stack, Fast Stak Harness are trademarks of Approach Systems Inc. Certain other product names, brand names, and company names may be trademarks or designations of their respective owners.

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