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Approach Systems Announces Fast Stack Harness for KX155/165 Upgrades to Garmin GNS 430/530

Orem, Utah, February 17, 2022 - Approach Systems Inc., "Approach", creators of the innovative "Plug & Play" Fast Stack Hub and Cable System is announcing immediate availability of the "Fast Stack Harness". Aircraft owners now have a low cost solution to replace that 1970's KX 155/165 or KX 170/175 with the incredibly successful, state-of-the art Garmin GNS 430/530. With the $299 Fast Stack Harness, you can replace the KX155/165/170/175 leaving your existing VOR indicators, encoder, transponder and audio panel intact.

The Fast Stack Harness comes with the GNS 430/530 connectors, power ground and interface wiring (cable) depending on configuration, to any KI202/KI203/KI204/KI206/ KI208/KI208A/KI209/KI209A, GI106, MD200 and almost any encoder and transponder combination. The harness has pigtail leads to interface to your existing audio panel. The audio panel is the most wiring intensive part of the panel and the Fast Stack Harness allows for a very simple interface. The encoder/transponder wiring also includes GPS connections required by the GNS 430/530. The Fast Stack Harness can be ordered to interface with the KI 525 HSI indicator.

"The Approach Hub and Cable system, with just over 1 year of shipping, is in over 500 installation", said Kieth Sorenson, President, "however, we have found a lot of customers require the change of only 1 Nav/Com and not a complete upgrade of the avionics stack." With the Fast Stack Harness, an aircraft owner can upgrade a single radio in the fastest time and at an extremely low price.

The $299 system includes all milspec wiring, milspec connectors required by Garmin, and new connectors for the indicator and a "Y" interface to the encoder and transponder. Plug and play! A $50 option allows the addition of a new transponder for those wishing to upgrade to a GTX 327/330. Power, ground and lighting wires are labeled and color coded to aid in an error free simple installation.

Approach Systems is focused on developing products that automate and simplify the upgrade and retrofit process of general aviation electronics (avionics). The products are based on modular technologies using aerospace standard components, materials and computer technology. For more information, visit www.approach-systems.com. or via email at sales@approach-systems.com or call direct at 801-802-8079.

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