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Wire Harnesses and Integrated Kits

Our strength is the value we bring to our customers through quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Every wire harness we produce will meet or exceed your specifications. Our Harness Assembly Team is staffed by experienced professionals who have mastered the art of fabricating custom-made wire harnesses, ensuring reliability and ease of installation.

We test every harness to guarantee 100% compliance to your requirements for both electrical and physical integrity. Our processes and practices allow us to achieve and ensure consistent total quality.

Approach can produce wire harnesses ranging from a one-time prototype and short production run, larger multifaceted program fabrication that requires more extensive support to certified and integrated installation kits in support of commercial and military aircraft or ground base systems. To compliment this kit offering, we offer complete engineering design data packages. Approach carefully considers system requirements to optimize performance and minimize costs. Our automated wire processing and stripping equipment allows us to precisely mark, cut, strip and process radio frequency cables as well as wire harness assemblies.


Approach delivers your product On Time Every Time with JIT product assembly and quality control. Your products are tested with state-of-the-art equipment for 100% reliability and reassurance that it meets or exceeds your specifications.


Approach has developed a revolutionary wiring solution for VFR or IFR configured instrument panels. Staying on the edge of technology, Approach has designed a Fast-Stack Hub & Cable solution providing quick, accurate, and a cost-effective way to wire avionics. This new system standardizes new and future avionic installations and makes upgrades as easy as plugging in a cable.

-- Custom Harness Systems
-- Production Harness Systems
-- Molded Cables
-- Jumper Wires
-- RF/Co-Axial
-- Cable Connector Assemblies
-- Flat Ribbon/IDC
-- Heat-shrink Materials
-- High Performance Materials
-- EMI/EMP screening/shielding

-- Customized Assembly
-- Full Production
-- Prototyping
-- Complete Drafting & Design
-- Full Testing
-- Build-to-Print or Customer Design
-- Project Management
-- Product Identification & Tagging

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