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What are our customers saying!

"You guys are great!"
"Yes! Great Products and great service."

"They gave me a lot of confidence towards wiring my RV7... Smart, VERY smart"

"Thanks for getting the system out so quickly for our T-6 Texan. It works great and looks beautiful!"

"I currently have your Pro-G hub in my RV7A and it works great."

"We recieved the cables and everything looks great!"

"Purchased and installed your system. Everything went really smooth, thanks so much."


"My new Pro-Hub worked out great in my experimental application. Everything seems to work fine, and it dramatically cut down the work load for the installation."

"This is the GREATEST thing since sliced bread!"

"One word of advice. If you decide to use this system, close your hanger door and don't tell anyone. It took all day to get three hours of work in. The word got out about what I was doing and everyone had to come take a look. Cost me two extra pots of coffee and I must have explained the system to fifty pilots ( actually maybe ten pilots, but they brought friends). I'm not kidding guys, this system is going to change the avionics business. Shops won't go out of business and I'm sure they'll still charge plenty, but this cuts the work infinitesimally and it looks so much better behind the panel.

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