The Fast Stack systems is composed of both the Fast Stack Hub and Fast Stack Cables.

This is the Fast Stack Pro Hub

The secret to this revolutionary system is hidden within the hub. Over two years of research and development went into the 8-layer printed circuit board where all avionic interconnections occur. What does this mean to you?

- Fast avionic installs
- Reduced aircraft downtime
- More reliable than hand wiring and debugging
- Eliminate the rat's nest of wiring behind your panel
- Centralized grounding eliminating electrical ground loops
- Spend the money you save from the installation on better avionics

This is the Fast Stack Cable

Approach Fast Stack cables are built for durability. Every cable has an outer polyolefin jacket protecting the internal wire bundle from abrasion, heat and UV damage. This attribute is found no where else in the general aviation marketplace. Under the outer jacket is a 36 gauge copper braided shield containing the milspec Tefzel wiring. The client end is the exact manufacturer recommended connector. Fast Stack cables come ready with flying leads for power, ground and lighting. The power and ground go to the circuit breakers and the lighting to the lighting rheostat.

The Fast Stack Cable hub connector has a shielded inner shell and all cabling is properly labeled providing fast, error-free installation. Approach has “ready-built” cables for most avionics in the marketplace.

Click Here for the Fast Stack Hub Detail PDF.
Click Here for the Fast Stack Cable detail PDF.

Approach continues to invest in equipment that takes out the human error potential in hand wiring and cable construction.

All milspec tefzel wiring is pre-cut and perfectly stripped assuring no unintentional damage typically found with hand cutting and stripping.

All cabling connector pins are crimped by machine to exacting standards and pressure guaranteeing the best possible connections that hand crimping can never meet.

All fast stack cables are computer tested before shipment.