Approach E-Pod
Digital Engine Parameter Data for APIC and EFIS Systems

Modularize your engine data gathering
Also available in PDF format | Technical Specifications | Supported Avionics

The Approach E-Pod is truly the next logical step for APIC and EFIS systems. The E-POD mounts on the fire wall and is the central point for all engine parameter inputs. The
  E-pod then converts all analog signals to digital and outputs that information in a single serial data stream that is easily reads by display systems. Each cylinder has its own connector for the CHT and EGT leads, thereby diagnosing any possible discrepancy quickly.
It’s compact shape and light weight lend to it’s ability of fitting in numerous configurations and places. The heart of the E-Pod is a MSP 430 ultra-low power MCU. The advantage of this device besides it’s low power
consumption is its size and speed. It scans all parameters of the engine five times a second thereby giving real time and instantaneous engine read outs and any fault messages or trends that are monitored can be fixed before a serious problem arises. Installation and integration of the E-Pod is extremely easy and fast.
The engine harness is customizable for a wide range of components. Contact us for system pricing and configuration.
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