Fast Stack Harness™
For the Garmin 430/530

The Fast Stack Harness for the Garmin 430/530 delivers the latest innovation from Approach Systems in "Plug & Play" wiring. Now is the time to upgrade your old NAV/COM to the latest and greatest.

Easy To Install
The Fast Stack Harness is designed to simplify the addition of a single GNS 430 or 530 into your current avionics stack. All of your interconnect wiring, connectors, and power and ground leads are delivered in a complete harness. Each cable and lead is clearly marked for expedite the installation process. Wiring distances and your avionics list is all of the information we need to complete your configuration.

The Fast Stack Harness will connect directly to any one of the indicators supported by the GNS 430 or 530 including the GI-106A, KI-208, KI-209, and MD-200. Your current encoder or a new encoder can be used. You can upgrade your transponder or continue with the one you have. All of the audio signals needed are provided for use with the audio panel you currently have installed including your Garmin 340, PS-Engineering, Bendix King, Cessna, and UPS. All of your cables are terminated with the applicable connectors and clearly labeled.

Other Wiring "Untouched"
One of the biggest fears most aircraft owners have when deciding to add or change their avionics is creating new problems in other areas. The associated downtime in trouble shooting problems can be extremely frustrating and costly. These problems can be introduced when wires are spliced or cut into. We designed the Fast Stack Harness with those fears and problems in mind. The Fast Stack Harness terminates the wiring directly into connectors without the need to splice or cut into any existing wiring. The audio panel wires are left “pigtailed” and are simply crimped with the appropriate pins and replace any previous pins that were used. All of your other avionics wiring remains “untouched” from splices and cuts.

Cost Effective
The Fast Stack Harness provides a “Plug & Play” solution when adding a GNS 430 or 530 to your avionics stack. For a little more than the cost of just the Garmin installation kit, you receive the connectors, wires, pins, labels, copper overbraiding, and best of all, everything properly connected together and tested. In less than 25% of the time it would traditionally take to wiring your avionics, the Fast Stack Harness can get you up in the skies using your new avionics.

You can rest assured that you will not be chasing wiring errors in our Fast Stack Harness. We test every harness to guarantee 100% compliance to your requirements for both electrical and physical integrity. Our processes and practices allow us to achieve and ensure consistent total quality.

More Changes to Your Panel?
If you are planning to add more then the GNS 430 or 530 to your panel now or in the future, then check out our Fast Stack Wiring System. Our revolutionary Plug & Play wiring creates an easy to manage upgradeable avionics panel that takes the “pain” out of wiring.