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The Geography of Art: Imaging the Abstract with GIS

GIS tools are no longer being used exclusively for geographic applications. Jim Coddington, Chief Conservator    at the Museum of Modern Art, is using remote sensing software to better analyze the museum's collection of artwork. Read more about his innovative and practical approach to this non-geographic situation.


Microsoft MapPoint 2002 Review

MapPoint has matured since it's first release in 1998. The latest version promises the ability to import ESRI shape files and MapInfo data--a previously missing feature that held back the Microsoft GIS product. Adena Schutzberg reviews this and many other new offerings in MapPoint 2002.

GIS ASPs: Ready for Action?

Adena Schutzberg writes, "Several months ago, I attempted to develop a list of GIS services available online. I expected to find a variety of geocoders, map creation tools and more. I was disappointed to find only a few, mostly focused on basic geocoding. The services offered were from well-known data suppliers such as GDT and Etak (now Tele Atlas North America)."


New 3-D maps get to bottom of Illinois

By Nancy Ryan , Tribune staff reporter

Wireless Web surfing in a Singapore cab


Intelliwhere Explained

After I spent a little time with the crew from IntelliWhere, I finally understood what their Genie product does writes Adena Schulzberg from the GeoSpatial Conference

On the Exhibitor Floor

As I toured the show floor, I saw a few new things worthy of mention writes Adena Schulzberg from GeoSpatial Conference

Highlights From GeoSpatial

The following is a report from Intergraph’s GeoSpatial World conference, which took place in Atlanta, Georgia, June 18-20. by Adena Schulzberg

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