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  XM Weather Kit

XM Weather Kit

Real Time Weather on the APIC moving map is available using XM WX Satellite Weather information. APIC allows the user to populate or depopulate the moving map with detailed weather information. This includes TAF, Metars, Radar, Satellite, Winds Aloft, Lightning Strikes, Airmets, Sigmets, and TFR information. APIC Weather capability is included in APIC - no additional charge! To integrate this data into the APIC software a WxWorx Receiver Kit must be purchased along with a XM WX Satellite Weather Subscription.

[XM's satellites simultaneously transmit all data, optimizing signal availability to mobile users. XM's transmission in the S-band remains strong ever in poor weather conditions.]

With APIC NO additional software is required to receive weather data!!

  Purchase weather receiver kit . . .

XM WX Satellite Weather Subscription No online activation; please call
toll free: 1-800-985-9200.
XM WX Aviation Package:Aviator LTAviator
Subscription Pricing (monthly)$29.99$49.99
One-Time Activation Fee$75$75
XM WX Specifications:Aviator LTAviator
High Resolution Radar - NEXRADXX
City ForecastsXX
County WarningsXX
Precipitation Type (at surface)XX
Echo Tops X
Severe Weather Storm Tracks X
Surface Analysis Weather Maps X
Lightning X
Winds Aloft (at altitude) X
Satellite Mosaic X

Select the Aviator LT  or  Aviator package.

Have your credit card and Radio ID code (located on bottom of your Receiver Kit) available. When you call, an XM representative will ask you to provide your address, billing information, Radio ID code, and other information to set up your XM account.

You can be billed monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually.


APIC software will allow you to populate or depopulate your map with the following weather items: Metars, Radar, Lightning, Satellite, Winds Aloft, Airmets: (Turb, Icing, Mtn Obs, IFR), Sigmets:(Turb, Conv,Ice), and TFR.


You can call XM Radio and suspend your subscription billing once a year. (For those months you do not fly.) Ask for the 'End of Season' package. XM Radio will suspend your subscription billing until you call them back. This way you do NOT need to pay another 'Activation Fee.'


Weather Items to display (or not) are: Metars, Radar, Lightning, Sat, Winds Aloft, Airmets: (Turb, Icing, Mtn Obs, IFR), Sigmets:(Turb, Conv, Ice), TFR.


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