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New features available with this release


[February 14, 2022] Build 2414

  • Airspace Boundry and Special Use Airspace (SUA) data have been switched from the defunct USFIF to NFDC data set.
  • Fixed a bug with CTAF and UNICOM frequencies that were not being displayed.
  • Updated format of Digital Obstacle Files.
  • Fixed disabled com port fields for WM UI for Traffic Awareness devices.
  • Improvements to FindAirport dialog.
  • Fixed some potential crashes that can happen on a more memory limited device.

[December 20, 2021] Build 2300

  • All aviation data is now generated from a new database since the USFIF data is no longer available. Aviation data will now be update every 56 days instead of every 28 days.
  • Improvements to speedup Airport Info dialog open and close.
  • Improved display of airspace boundaries. 
  • Bug fixes for custom shapefile data.

[September 27, 2021] version 0710

  • Added functionality for the Athena Micro INS. This device includes AHRS, Air Data and GPS functionality!
  • Added GPGGA and GPBOD sentences to the Auto Pilot output which are required by the Dynon EFIS D100.
  • When using the ZAON PCAS traffic detector, the traffic threats will now display the character '^' if it is above you and 'v' if below you and '+' if it is ascending and '-' if descending.

[August 2, 2021] version 0708

  • Added UpdateApic.exe to the install to make updating APIC each month much easier! 
  • Fixed a problem with selecting the wrong runway (ex. 36R) when the actual heading doesn't match the runway number (360 vs 004 at airport CVG).

[July 5, 2021] version 0707

  • APIC can now display custom data stored in a folder named ...\Apic\Data\Custom. Data must be stored in Shapefile format. 
  • Changed the format of the "Settings" dialogs to make them more user friendly with bigger finger sized buttons. 
  • The Ahrs reset button now works for the eGyroXP AHRS device.

[Jun 6, 2021] version 0706

  • Fixed a bug that was causing APIC to crash sometimes when the GPS reset button was pressed.
  • The "Nearest Airports" page can now display "Nearest Navaids" and "Nearest Waypoints" too.
    • Tap the title to toggle through the different screens.
    • Tap the blue arrows to scroll down the list.
    • The "Nearest Airports" page can now be sized to be multiple panels high in Apic/W (a long narrow list). 
  • Added interface to turn Audio Warnings on/off.

[May 10, 2021] version 0705

  • Added an information dialog for:
    • Waypoints - with "Direct-To" capabilities.
    • Airspace Boundaries
    • Special Use AirSpace (SUAS)

Tap on any of these items to see the information dialog.

Tap on the "Direct-To" button on the Waypoint dialog to immediately create a direct-to flight plan.

The information dialog for these items will automatically disappear after 6 seconds unless the user taps on the dialog face. If there are other waypoints or airspace boudaries that overlap the tapped location, an information dialog will be displayed for those items also.

  • HSI pointers to nearest navaids now display the navaid id.
  • AutoPilot output added.
  • Fixed a problem with the CDI needle being inaccurate on some direct-to flight plans.

[Apr 12, 2022] version 0704

  • Added the ability to modify font size by instrument or generally for all instruments.
  • Added a Vacuum gauge for testing with new EPOD hardware.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing APIC Plates from getting the correct heading of the runway, which prevented the VNav display from showing up.
  • Fixed a problem with supplemental data not being displayed.
  • Fixed a crash that happened when pressing the GPS reset button.
  • You can now restart the GPS after being in sim mode by pressing the GPS reset button.
  • The current approach plate will automatically switch to the airport diagram when within 1 mile of the end of the runway and the aircraft speed is less than Vso-5 (not flying). 
  • The HSI/VOR can now be used to track a Nav radial independent from the flight plan. If a flight plan is active and a Navaid hasn't been keyed into the HSI/VOR then it will display the flight plan course deviation.
  • Fixed a bug on the VNav view of the approach plates that sometimes caused the aircraft location to be wrong.

[Mar 15, 2022] version 0703

  • Modified color of Airways to be a lighter blue so as not to be confused with Airspace boundaries.
  • Fixed display problem with FAA Waypoints. ALL waypoints are displayed when this feature is turned on.
  • Fixed a problem with the AlphKeyPad not always having focus.
  • Com port selection is now easier to use. Active com ports and their Friendly Name are displayed.
  • Fixed a problem with reconnecting to the GPS if it is turned off or disconnected momentarily.

[Feb 15, 2022] version 0702

  • Approach Plate viewer is now available in Apic/Pda for Windows Mobile 5.0!
  • Added Lat/Lon edit dialog for User Waypoints.
  • Fixed some problems with the installer for Apic/Pda.

[Jan 15, 2022] version 0701

  • Airspace boundaries are thicker for better visibility.
  • Runway IDs are moved further off the end of the runway for better visibility.
  • Improved flight plan course display so that the course is always visible even when panning.
  • Improved font size settings. Font sizes now change immediately after being set.
  • Fixed a bug that caused APIC to crash if the user selected the "Direct-To" button on the User Waypoints dialog if there were no user waypoints selected.

[Dec 21, 2021] version 0613

  • Updated aviation data. (Airports, runways, Ils, comm freqs., navaids, airways, airspace boundaries, obstacles and more)
  • Approach plates are now flyable! Position is shown on both the main map and Vertical navigation panel. Position is also be shown on airport diagrams.
  • Fixed a potential bug in the flight planning functions.

[Nov 23, 2021] version 0612

  • Added integrated FAA Approach Plates to Apic/Win32!  These plates are compressed small enough to fit the entire U.S. in about 500MB.  To purchase a subscription to the plates please contact us at or call 801-802-8079.
Note: You may need to install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 if you have problems running this version of APIC. You can install these packages by running the Microsoft Update utility or by running the install packages in the bin folder on this CD. Click here to install.
  • Updated aviation data.
  • Fixed some bugs that could cause APIC to crash when using Small airports, Heliports or Seaports.

[Sep 28, 2021] version 0610

  • Updated aviation data.
  • APIC now searches SD Cards and CF Cards more thoroughly and will only load the most recent version of each file if more than one are found.
  • Added geographical data for much of Africa and Luxembourg.

[Aug 30, 2021] version 0609

  • Decluttered Moving Map Azimuth by changing the Look-ahead view Azimuth to show Cardinal directions in red and numbers for only the 30 degree increments.
  • Fix to "Find Airport" keypad.
  • Updated aviation data.

[Aug 3, 2021] version 0608

  • Added icons for fuel and food to Nearest Airports panel.
  • Fixed bug that prevented APIC from finding data stored on CF memory cards.
  • Fixed a bug in the Winds Aloft code that caused APIC to hang.
  • Updated aviation data.

[July 5, 2021] version 0606

  • Added Vx, Vy and Vref to the PFD.  Vx and Vy are displayed on the Speed tape when climbing.  Vref is displayed when decending.
  • Vs1 and Vso will now automatically adjust for Bank angle.
  • Gas-n-Grub icons are now displayed on the "Nearest Airports" panel.
  • Fixed update bug in Airways.
  • Updated aviation data.

[June 8, 2021] version 0605

  • Airways are now available in APIC!  Just enable them from the "Settings" dialog.
  • Font sizes can now be adjusted by the user.  See the "FontSz" tab in the "Settings" dialog.
  • Route data will now display in 3D in Google Earth.
  • A few bug fixes to the Flight Planning functions.

[May 11, 2021] version 0604

  • Updated Aviation data, small airports, Gas-n-Grub data.

[March 16, 2022] version 0603

  • Added "Timer" window.  Apic/W users may need to delete the file ...\Approach\Apic\Data\layout.bin or reset each of their "Views"
  • Added "Exit" button to Apic/W.
  • Improved GPS code and added NMEA sentence output to Satellites window.
  • Runways can now be added to a Flight Plan directly from the flight planning dialog.

[Feb 17, 2022] version 0602

  • Updated Aviation data.

[Jan 19, 2022] version 0601

  • Route Tracking data is now stored in Google Earth format.
  • User Waypoints are now stored in Google Earth format.
  • Flight Plans are now output in Google Earth format.
  • Updated Aviation data.
  • Updated Small & Private airports, Heliports and SeaPorts data.

Dec 22, 2021

  • Fixed bug in Magnetic heading
  • Updated airports with Self Serve Fuel (24/7)
  • Updated airports with Restaurant on Field

Nov 24, 2021

  • Executables for Windows Mobile 5.0
  • Better handling of screen rotation

Oct 27, 2021

  • Added data and support for Heliports and Seaplane Bases (Seaports).
  • Bug fixes to XmLink.

Sept 29, 2021

  • Added data for over 9000 Small and Private Airports in the U.S.! The display of these airports can be turned on or off from the Settings page.
  • Fixed Checklist placement in Apic/W.

Sept 1, 2021

  • Increased the number of Lightning strike regions so there won't be so many overlaps in areas of heavy activity.
  • Store lat/lon of last known location.
  • Start up sim mode with lat/lon of last known location.
  • Set Thread priority high when closing airport info dialog for a little faster response.
  • Fixed bug in Storm Cell Intensity Tracking (SCIT) arrow direction.
  • Apic now displays and plays an audible warning when an Obstacles may be a threat.
  • Apic now displays and plays an audible "Gear Down" warning when within 3 miles of an airport and < 700 ft AGL.
  • Added a button to the Weather page to bring XmLink.exe to the foreground. From XmLink the user can check the date, time and availability of all weather products.
  • Added a "Move Up" and a "Move Dn" button (Apic/W) or menu items (Apic/Pda) to the Flight Planning window. These buttons/menu items allow you to move a single waypoint up or down in the flight plan list.
  • Added "Goto Airport" button on Sim Mode page. Pressing this button starts the FindAirport dialog where you can locate an aiport by identifier, name or city name.

    Aug 4, 2021
  • Added a Flight Plan Window for instant access to destination comm frequencies and Metars.
  • Improved Flight Plan functions including a "Reverse Flight Plan".
  • The Rocker arm can now be used to pan in Apic/Pda.
  • The arrow keys can now be used to pan in apic/W.
  • Added XBow Nav420 to list of AHRS devices.

    July 7, 2021
  • A Winds Aloft grid was added to the moving map (displayed if range is >= 100nm).
  • A new Auto-zoom function was added. When auto-zoom is turned on the moving map range is calculated to be the distance to the horizon + 10% of speed. When descending to a final destination airport, the speed value is subtracted instead of added.
  • Zoom options were added to the Apic/Pda menu for faster zooming to a specific range.
  • VORs and NDBs can now be selected for display independently.
  • The text "100LL" is displayed beneath all airports that have 100LL fuel when fuel display is turned on.
  • Help file for Weather is now available.

    June 9, 2021
  • Added support for other generic GPSs.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Apic from reading altitude data from some GPSs.
  • Added Freezing Level depiction to VNav page.
  • Added Storm Cell Intensity Tracking (SCIT) data to moving map. Radar data display must be enabled to view SCIT data. Displays a red arrow showing where the storm cell is forecast to be in 3 hours.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The Weather Link application MUST be re-installed this month in order to enable SCIT data.

    May 12, 2021
  • Updated terrain to fix a few areas that were under water.
  • Adding vertical cloud profile to VNav page.
  • Updated install process to make it more extensible for new countries.

    April 14, 2022
  • Added a Day Mode to all instruments.
  • Added a system power indicator.
  • Added PC Flight systems eGyro-XP AHRS device.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented serial devices on COM10 and higher from connecting.

    March 17, 2022
  • Added Winds Aloft display on moving map page.
  • Added Zoom in/out buttons on moving map page.

    February 17, 2022
  • Radar image resolution has been increased from 2k to 1k on Apic/W
  • Added Wx receiver image to PFD page to indicate that the Wx link is active.
  • Added ability to display Satellite IR image.

    January 20, 2022
  • Increased available com ports from 8 to 12
  • Real time weather is finally here!

    Here are some of the things you'll get with real time weather:
    • Radar depiction on the moving map.
    • Surface winds, Sky coverage and VFR/IFR conditions.
    • Lightning strike depiction on the moving map.
    • Decoded Metar and Taf data on the Airport Information Dialog.
    • Airmet depiction and warnings on the moving map.
    • Sigmet depiction and warnings on the moving map.
    • Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR) depiction on the moving map.
      Still coming is:
    • Satellite cloud depiction on the moving map.
    • Winds aloft.
    Contact Approach Systems Inc. today to purchase your weather receiver. or call 1-801-802-8079.

    December 23, 2021
  • Fixed a problem with flight plan information overlapping other text.
  • Real time weather is under construction!

    November 25, 2021
  • Added Range value to VNav page
  • Real time weather is under construction!

    October 27, 2021
  • Added "FindAirport" dialog. You can now find an airport by ID, Airport name and City name
  • Added code to restart GPS if connection is lost.
  • APIC now takes over ALL application buttons in Apic/PDA.
  • Added a "Direct-To" button to the main interface.

    September 29, 2021
  • Added "Bugs/Units" page to the Settings.
  • APIC will now display in Metric units also.
  • 56K baud gps units will now work properly.
  • Opened up V-Speed limits for very slow stall speeds.
  • Terrain awareness warning. The altitude box on the attitude indicator or top banner (PDA Only) turns yellow if there is impending terrain within 5 minutes and red if the terrain is within 2 minutes.
  • Route tracking has been improved and is now saved whenever this option is enabled. Turn off route tracking and then back on to reset route tracking.
  • Changed the zoom scale to be more efficient. It is now possible to turn off the auto-zoom feature when a flight plan is active.
  • Added many more "airports with self-serve fuel" and "airports with restaurant on field"

    September 2004
  • Terrain data is now available for:
    1. Continental US
    2. Alaska and Western Canada
    3. Eastern Canada
    4. Mexico, Central America, Caribbean
    5. South America
    6. Western Europe
    7. Eastern Europe
    8. Indonesia
    9. Pacific Rim
    10. Australia
  • Apic can load and use multiple terrain files.
  • Better GPS integration.
  • Aircraft Number does not have to begin with N.
  • Time page includes "Home Time" and "Estimated Local Time".
  • Display with metric units (under construction)

    August 2004
  • Bug fixes - See readme.txt for more details.
  • Added code to declutter high density obstacles.
  • Altitude value is displayed in red if there there aren't enough satellites to be accurate.
  • Memory optimizations for terrain data.

    July 2004
  • Terrain
    Terrain can now be displayed on the "Moving Map" display and the "VNav" display. This install includes terrain data for all of the continental United States. Other regions of the world will be available soon.
    > To display terrain, select the checkbox next to "Terrain" on the Settings page. This checkbox has 3 states. To disable the terrain display, tap or click the checkbox until no check is visible. To display terrain without red warning areas, tap or click the checkbox until the grayed check is displayed. To display terrain with red warning areas, tap or click the checkbox until the black check is displayed.
    > The colors used to depict terrain topography are the same as those used on Sectional charts. Terrain colors change every 500 ft up to 10,000 ft and every 1000 ft up to 15,000 ft.
    > Terrain at or above your altitude is shown in various shades of red to indicate possible danger.

    TIP: Apic/PDA users may want to move the terrain data to an SD card for optimal memory use and performance of Apic. To do this copy the file "\Program Files\Approach\Apic\Data\UnitedStates\" to "\SD Card\Approach\Apic\Data\United States\". For best performance, install all data to the Pda device memory. For best conservation of device memory, install the geographical data to an SD card. For a good compromise between speed and memory use, install the geographical data to the Pda device memory and then move the terrain data to an SD card.

    June 2004
  • Obstacles
    Obstacles are displayed if aircraft is below 1000 ft agl or if aircraft is below 2000 ft agl and obstacle is within 500 ft of aircrafts altitude.
  • Added support for Western Europe
    Aviation data and some geographic data are now available for Western Europe.
  • Fast access to heading, speed and altitude bugs
    Tap or click the speed, heading or altitude tape to bring up the keypad to set the speed, heading, or altitude bugs.
  • Checklists as an instrument panel (Apic/W only)
    Checklists may now be added to the instrument panel so that they are available throughout flight operations.
  • Fixes to SD Card Installations (Apic/PDA only)
    All data installed to an SD Card now goes to the folder \SD Card\Approach\Apic
  • Framework for Approach Plates, Airport Diagrams, DPs and STARs
    The airport information dialog now has a tab for "Plates". Select the desired plate and tap/click the "Display Plate" button. Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed and Plates must be downloaded and placed in the "...\Approach\Apic\Data\{Country}\Plates" folder. Plates can be obtained from or Approach-Systems. Next month we will include the installs for Adobe Acrobat Reader as part of the update release.

    May 2004
  • Gas-n-Grub
    A fuel pump icon will show up next to all airports with self-serve (24 hour) fuel if this feature is enabled from the "Settings" page. A fork and knife icon will show up next to all airports with a restaurant on the field if this feature is enabled from the "Settings" page.
  • Look-ahead ATIS
    The frequency for ATIS is displayed on the "Nearest Airports" panel so there's no more fumbling to find the frequency for the local barometer settings.
  • "Find Airport" on SIM Page
    On the Simulation Mode page you can now enter the identifier of an airport, press "Find" and the lattitude and longitude are automatically set.
  • Bug fixes - see readme.txt for details

      For more information go to our website or contact us via email.