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Because, we fly a lot and spend an inordinate amount of time searching through "text" based information looking for places to either find food close to the airport, after hour's fuel, and usually both. "Books of info like the AOPA airport directory are great, but we spend too much time going back and forth from the book to the chart to see if it is on our way. Like who would stop in Cherokee, Iowa? We do! Self Service 24 hours of fuel, and it is across the street from Danny's Sports Bar which has great food, but no close hotels though, so we only stop for food. Or Enrique's in Ponca City, OK. Great Mexican food and 24 hour self serve gas. There are lot's of great places to stop, but we have never heard of most of them, and unless they are on our way, we can't stop.
We will be adding a hotel section so we can find "walk to" hotels also. The darn FBO's are usually closed when we get "there" and typically we don't know how far we are going to get before we stop for the night and couldn't prearrange with an FBO for a car. Some hotels will come and get you, but when it's 1:00am, who wants to wait 30 minutes for their after hours shuttle.
Of course as a last resort, you can always stop at the 24 hour "jet centers". And, you have to love their $2.95 gas pricing. Not us; self serve gas, fast food and walk to cheap hotels makes for easy flying.