Approach PLATES - Real Time Approach Plate Application

In November of 2007, Approach Systems released Approach Plates, a new Windows application for real time display of NOS-based approach plates with geo synchronized location of aircraft position. Approach Plates is a stand-alone application - it does not require APIC. It can work with other mapping applications or work entirely on its own. There are nearly 15000 calibrated plates as part of the data base. The price for the software is $99 and includes 1 year of 56 day updates.

Approach Plates are plug-and-play; the user does NOT need to 'calibrate' their plates. Calibration for all 12,000+ plates is already done by Approach Systems.

Approach PLATE subscription - Approach Systems will send you a link every 56 days informing you of updates. 50 states of USA NOS plates AND Approach Plate updates every 28 days for one year for ONLY $99/year.

If you plan to use Approach Plates, we suggest large format screens like Tablets, Laptops, and PCs permit viewing the full Approach Plate. (Flyable Approach Plates work best with Windows XP, XP Tablet and Vista.)

Prices include shipping:

(The total file size of Approach Plates is about 500MB. The data will be delivered via CD-ROM through US mail.

$99.00   Approach Plates one-year subscription.

(Approach will send an update link every 56 days with new data to subscribers.)

Approach PLATES works independent of APIC. It is a stand alone Approach Plates application.

Click Here to Purchase.

Example plate display on Approach "Plate"

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