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Approach Plates Standalone Application

 Approach Systems' newest software, Approach Plates, is a Windows application for real time display of NOS-based approach plates with GPS projection of aircraft position.

Approach Plates is a stand-alone application - it does not require APIC. It can work with other mapping applications or work entirely on its own. There are nearly 12,000 calibrated plates as part of the data base.  Approach Plates are plug-and-play; the user does NOT need to 'calibrate' their plates. Calibration for all 12,000+ plates is already done by Approach Systems, and is updated monthly.



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The price for the software is $99 and includes 1 year of 28 day updates.

(13 updates/year)



FAA: July 23, 2007 - Use Approach Plates

FAA: July 20, 2007 - Advisory Circulatory (AC 91-78) (.pdf)

   - Electronic Approach Plates Approved