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Approach Fast Stack products are designed to modernize the aircraft avionic installation and upgrade process making avionic installs fast, cost-effective and safe. From kitplane VFR panels to complex certified aircraft IFR panels, the Fast Stack system will make your installation painless with rock solid dependability. Simply install the appropriate Fast Stack Hub for your application (VFR or IFR) and select the appropriate Fast Stack Cables for your avionics. The Approach Fast Stack System eliminates error-prone hand wiring and troubleshooting. All cabling is Milspec Tefzel and complies with FAA AC43.13-1B/2A. Approach uses premium grade parts that meet and exceeds manufactures specs. Call Approach at 801-802-8079 if you have any questions or need assistance in

Partial Listing of Available Cables

Approach Product
List Price
Fast Stack Hubs  
Approach Sport Hub VFR Instrument Panel Configuration $299.00
Approach Pro-G with Mounting Tray Garmin 430/530 Centric Configuration $489.00
Approach Pro Hub with Mounting Tray IFR Instrument Panel Configuration $589.00

Fast Stack Cables - Transponders Price
Becker 4401r
Transponder Cable $79.00
Garmin GTX320 Transponder
Transponder Cable $79.00
Garmin GTX327 Transponder
Transponder Cable $79.00
Garmin GTX330 Transponder
Transponder Cable $109.00
King KT76A/C/78A
Transponder Cable $79.00
MicroAir Transponder
Transponder Cable $79.00
King KT76A/C/78A
Transponder Cable $79.00
Garmin SL70 Transponder
Transponder Cable $89.00
Encoders Price
Ameri-King AK350/AT3000/AR850
Encoder Cable $79.00
Rocky Mountain RMI202A
Encoder Cable $79.00
Sandia SAE5-35
Encoder Cable $79.00
Transcal SSD 120
Encoder Cable $79.00
UA Encoding Altimeter
Encoder Cable $79.00
GPS/GPS Comm Price
Garmin CNX 80
GPS/NAV/COMM Cable $399.00
Garmin GNC 250XL (VFR)
GPS/COMM Cable $149.00
Garmin GNC 300XL (IFR)
GPS/COMM Cable $149.00
Garmin GNS 420
GPS/NAV/COMM Cable $199.00
Garmin GNS 430
GPS/NAV/COMM Cable $249.00
Garmin GNS 530
GPS/NAV/COMM Cable $249.00
King KLN 90B
GPS Cable $119.00
King KLX 135a
GPS/COMM Cable $99.00
Garmin GX 65
GPS/COMM Cable $129.00
Nav/Comm Price
King KNS 80/81
NAV/COMM Cable $149.00
King KX 155/155a
King KX 165a
King KY 97/197A NAV/COMM Cable
Garmin SL 30 NAV/COMM w/ GS
Audio Panels Price
Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel
Audio Panel Cable $99.00
King KMA 24
Audio Panel Cable $99.00
King KMA 28
Audio Panel Cable $99.00
PS Eng. PM 4000
Audio Panel Cable $99.00
PS Eng. PM 6000
Audio Panel Cable $99.00
PS Eng. PM7000
Audio Panel Cable $99.00
Garmin SL 15 Audio Panel
Audio Panel Cable $99.00
Displays & Indicators Price
Eventide Argus 3000/7000
Indicator Cable $99.00
Garmin GI 102/106A
Indicator Cable $99.00
King KI 206 Indicator Cable $99.00
King KI 208 Indicator Cable $99.00
King KI 209 Indicator Cable $99.00
King KI 525 Indicator Cable $99.00
MD 200 Series Indicator Indicator Cable $99.99
Sandel SN3308 Display Cable $99.99
MFD Price
Avidyne MFD Cable $99.00
Blue Mountain EFIS ONE MFD Cable $99.00
Dynon D10 MFD Cable $99.00
King KMD 150 MFD Cable $99.00
Garmin MX20 MFD MFD Cable $109.00
Annunciator Switch Price
Ameri-King AK950 Annunciater Switch Cable $149.00
MD41-1484 Annunciator Annunciater Switch Cable $129.00
UPS ACU - Apollo Annunciater Switch Cable $149.00
Autopilot Price
Century Autopilot Autopilot Cable $99.00
S-TEC Autopilot Autopilot Cable $99.00
TruTrak Autopilot Autopilot Cable $99.00
Intercom Cables Price
PS Eng. PM 1000 Intercom Cable $149-199
PS Eng. PM 3000 Intercom Cable $99-199
PS Eng. PM 6000 Intercom Cable $99-199
PS Eng. PM 7000 Intercom Cable $99-199
King KMA28 Intercom Cable $99-199
Garmin SL 15 Intercom Cable $99-199
Garmin GMA340 Intercom Cable $99-199
Quick Connect™ Phone/Mic w/jacks Intercom Cable $49 ea.
Direct Wiring Harness Price
KCS 55 HSI (w/o connectors)
Compass System Wiring Harness $499.00
Fast Stack Harness for GNS 430/530
Single NAV/COM Upgrade Harness $299.00
Prices are subject to change without notice.
Approach Systems Corporation 801.802.8079 www.approach-systems.com
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