Approach Sport Hub and Cable System
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The Approach Sport Hub and Cable System is a complete solution delivering everything you need making avionic installs and upgrades fast, cost-effective and safe. The Approach Sport Hub and Cable System are compatible with most NAV/GPS/COM (single and dual), modern audio panels, intercoms, moving map displays, VOR indicators and just about any "send and receive" RS-232 formatted electronic device.
Approach Systems developed this pioneering system to eliminate the "rat's nest" behind the instrument panel. The Approach Sport Hub minimizes electronic noise and other associated problems of hand wiring by centralizing the grounding and utilizing uniform cable shielding with proper termination providing improved, lifetime avionic performance.

The Approach Sport Hub is compact and lightweight permitting installation anywhere behind the instrument panel. Simply select the appropriate Approach cables for your avionics, plug it in and your done. All Approach cables are Mislpec Tefzel with proper gauge and shielding. Cable ends are terminated with the right connector connecting the Approach Sport Hub to the avionics.

Power does not run through the Approach Hub and is not considered an "active" component and Approach cables comply with FAA AC43-13B. This means that the Approach Hub and Cable System are just wires and connections already existing today behind the instrument panel and are FAA approved.

Approach Systems will transform the way you think about avionics installs and upgrades with a simple, reliable system. Approach is making it easier than ever before to maintain and upgrade your aircraft.

For a more comprehensive Approach Hub for IFR capable-complex aircraft, call an Approach Systems sales representative or go to www.approach-systems.com for information on the Approach Pro Hub. Approach Systems is focused on developing products to automate the upgrade and retrofit process of aviation electronics delivering faster turn-around times, safer installs, and lower costs that put you back in the air sooner. Approach products are based on modular technologies using aerospace standard components, materials, and computer technology. Go out and fly!

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