Approach Sport Lite Wiring Solutions
for BASIC Configured Instrument Panels
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The Sport Lite Wiring System is an all-inclusive hub and cable solution enabling you to install a GPS/COM and intercom in record time. Approach Systems developed this solution in response to the need of pilots that don't require a full panel, but just a single radio and intercom. All cabling is ready to go; there are pigtails for power, ground, two sets of headset jacks and the push-to-talk. The Approach Sport Lite Wiring System is perfect for kit planes, sport-light planes, aerobatic aircraft or anyone requiring a simple panel. The Sport Lite Wiring System can be retrofitted to any older or newer aircraft, certified or home-built. 
The Approach Sport Lite Hub is compact and lightweight permitting installation anywhere behind the instrument panel. All Approach cables are Milspec Tefzel with proper gauge and shielding. Cable ends are terminated with the right connector connecting the Approach Sport Hub to the avionics.

Approach eliminates the time consuming, error-prone hand wiring methods used today and simplifies installs and upgrades by reducing the complicated technical details required for panel wiring. Labor charges, panel wiring scope creep and aircraft downtime are drastically reduced. Approach avoids the problems of hand wiring by minimizing electronic noise and other associated problems by centralizing the grounding and utilizing uniform cable shielding and proper termination providing improved, lifetime avionic performance and a new level of safety.

Approach designed its system for both newer and older aircraft, certified or home-built. Additionally, the wiring clutter typically found behind any instrument panel can finally be eliminated. Approach will transform the way you think about avionic installs and upgrades with a simple and reliable solution making it easier than ever before to maintain your aircraft. Call us at 801.802.8079 or visit us on the Web at www.approach-systems.com.
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