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Solutions Overview - Approach Wiring Products
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How does it work?

Today, just as 40 years ago, aircraft avionics are still hand-wired and debugged. Avionics require interconnection as well as power, lighting and grounding. All of these connections are individually ran, crimped, and zip tied with thick bundles of wiring snaking everywhere resulting in non-standardized wiring practices and a significant amount of disorder behind the instrument panel.
Basic Instrument Panel:
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Upgrading or replacing avionics requires long aircraft downtimes and the costs typically exceed the new equipment purchase price because new wiring connections have to be individually ran and integrated with the current wiring. After a couple of upgrades and replacements, the wiring turns into a "rat's nest" behind the instrument panel. Safely and reliability are compromised and future maintainability becomes even more expensive.

Approach products are designed to modernize the aircraft avionic installation and upgrade process making avionic installs fast, cost-effective and safe. Simply install the appropriate Approach hub for your instrument panel (Sport Lite - Basic Panel, Sport Hub - VFR panel, or Pro Hub - IFR panel), select the specific Approach cables for your avionics, and plug it in and your done! Upgrading and replacing avionics only requires a new Approach cable and future maintainability is greatly enhanced.   The Approach solution meets today's requirements for any type of plane including cerified, experimental, and light-sport aircraft and can be easily retrofitted to older or newer aircraft at any time.

What does Approach offer?

Fast Installs and Upgrades - A modular, plug and play system standardizing instrument panel wiring built around a hub and professionally made cables and connectors designed specifically for leading avionic products.

Cost-effectiveness - Virtually no hand wiring means dramatically reduced install and upgrade times and elimination of the troubleshooting and debugging process. Also, Approach's products will significantly reduce the downtime of aircraft and make future maintainability and avionic upgrading economical and fast.

The Approach system removes the complex "rat's nest" of wiring behind the instrument panel. In addition, grounding will be centralized and the utilization of uniform cable shielding reduces electronic noise and other associated problems of hand wiring increasing reliability and lifetime performance of avionics. Approach hubs are rugged with a conductive anodization for central grounding. All Approach cables are Milspec Tefzel with an additional polyolefin jacket increasing wiring longevity and making it easier to secure the cables away from moving objects. Approach hubs are not "active" components and Approach cables comply with FAA AC43-13B and manufacturer specs. Older aircraft can benefit anytime from the installation of Approach wiring products. Older aircraft typically have original wiring that can have brittle and cracked insulation (leading to phantom grounds), older connections that are weak, wire abrasion and fretting, and legacy wiring techniques that can all lead to possible glitches.