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APIC Approach Plates includes a 1-year subscription of the 14,000+ NOS Approach Plates available for the United States, including Airport Diagrams. Each plate is georeferenced, and with an active GPS Connection, your vertical and horizintal location is projected right on to the Approach Plate. This can be viewed simultaneously with the PFD, Moving Map, or any of APIC's other instrumentation. All 14,000+ plates are pre-calibrated, and ready to be flow without any user-calibration.


Upon initial purchase, the Approach Plate library may be downloaded by region through a link sent in an email. Each region is 70-120Mb in size. The customer will then receive an email every 28 days for the duration of their subscription with an email link to download the latest Approach Plate Revisions. Monthly CD's are also available upon request for customers who have a slow internet connection.