APIC Map/Pro/Glass Release Notes


[July 31, 2021] Build 2726


Added calibration data for Washington DC.

APIC now handles Approach Plates that are not North-Up.

Fixed problem with direction pointer on plates that are not North-Up.




Fixed a bug that caused APIC to crash when auto-pilot is enabled and a flight plan is enabled.







[June 5, 2021] Build 2653

Changed name of Flight Plan Dialog buttons to "Activate Flight Plan" and "Cancel Flight Plan" to prevent confusion. 

Improvements to the comm frequency labels for better understandability.

Improvements to the User Waypoints dialog

Minor improvements to the GPS Manager for WM5+ devices

                    Improvements to the winds aloft display. If there is no winds aloft data for the current altitude then display the                     words "Winds Aloft" in the winds aloft button rectangle.




The Approach Chart page search function now recognizes lower-case letters.




Fixed a bug that caused some GPS slow-down problems on some devices.







[April 10, 2022] Build 2572

  • Significant improvements to GPS handling for Windows Mobile 5 & 6. Select Auto instead of a COM port to enable this feature. APIC is now compatible with all internal GPS devices, including all HTC devices such as the AT&T Tilt.
  • The Approach Chart page will now remember it's last chart when switching views.
  • Added large keypad if the user presses the "Find" button on the Approach chart page and there is no text in the airport ID combo box edit field.
  • Zoom and Autocenter features added.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Keypad to not terminate on Mobile devices.
  • Fixed problem with loading flight plan when navaid, waypoint or user-waypoint data is not loaded.
  • Fixed a bug in the UserWaypoints selection.
  • Fixed a few font problems.
  • Fixed a bug that caused APIC to crash when loading non-US Special Use Airspace (SUA) data.
  • Reduced memory usage during Flight Planning. Some Mobile devices were running out of memory.
  • Improvements to "FindAirport" dialog.
  • Disabled menu items for screens that are not active in Apic/Map so there won't be any confusion.


    [February 14, 2022] Build 2427

  • Airspace Boundry and Special Use Airspace (SUA) data have been switched from the defunct USFIF to NFDC data set.
  • Fixed a bug with CTAF and UNICOM frequencies that were not being displayed.
  • Updated format of Digital Obstacle Files.
  • Fixed disabled com port fields for WM UI for Traffic Awareness devices.
  • Improvements to FindAirport dialog.
  • Fixed some potential crashes that can happen on a more memory limited device.

    [December 20, 2021] Build 2300

  • All aviation data is now generated from a new database since the USFIF data is no longer available. Aviation data will now be update every 56 days instead of every 28 days.
  • Improvements to speedup Airport Info dialog open and close.
  • Improved display of airspace boundaries. 
  • Bug fixes for custom shapefile data.

    [September 27, 2021] version 0710

  • Added functionality for the Athena Micro INS. This device includes AHRS, Air Data and GPS functionality!
  • Added GPGGA and GPBOD sentences to the Auto Pilot output which are required by the Dynon EFIS D100.
  • When using the ZAON PCAS traffic detector, the traffic threats will now display the character '^' if it is above you and 'v' if below you and '+' if it is ascending and '-' if descending.