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Approach Fast Stack System
"Plug & Play"

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Sport Hub
                    and cables

The Fast Stack Sport Hub is a fast, clean, proven solution for "Plug & Play" wiring of your aircraft's avionics. The Sport Hub is designed for simple VFR configured instrument panels.

A Better Way
Approach's Fast Stack avoids the problems of hand wiring by minimizing electronic noise and other associated problems. This is done by centralizing the grounding and

utilizing uniform cable shielding and proper termination providing improved, lifetime avionic performance and a new level of safety. The wiring clutter typically found behind any instrument panel is finally eliminated. Approach will transform the way you think about avionic installs and upgrades with a simple and reliable solution making it easier than ever before to maintain your aircraft.

Easy To Install
The Sport Hub can be used in any aircraft from older retrofits and upgraded avionics in certified aircraft, to new home-builts/ experimentals. Approach has designed the Fast Stack Sport Hub system with high quality, easy to install connectors that are used throughout the aviation industry. Simply plug the cable end marked for the avionic instrument into the appropriate receptacle and the other end into the hub. Each cable and hub connector is clearly labeled. Power, ground, and dimmer wires are separate flying lead wires to allow the individual avionics to be on their own circuit breaker. Additionally, a pin-out diagram for each of your pre-built cables is provided to you.

The Sport Hub will work with your Garmin, Bendix/King, UPS, Narco, Becker, and other manufacturers' avionics. Your NAV, GPS, COM, intercoms, indicators, transponders, and encoder interconnects are taken care of through the Fast Stack hub and cable system. For aircraft needing more options and complex configurations, including IFR panels, the Fast Stack Pro or Pro-G Hubs are the best solutions.

The Sport Hub is compact and lightweight allowing installation anywhere behind the instrument panel. The hub is made of durable alloy aluminum with gold alodyned for centralized grounding. Hub connectors are of the highest quality assuring strong electrical connections and a long life. All Approach hubs are not considered an "active" component and are only

used for avionic interconnections. The internal wiring is engineered on a high grade commercial PC board.

Approach cables are built to manufacturer's requirements including shielded, proper gauge pins and wires and comply with FAA AC43.13-1B/2A regulations. In addition, the cables have an outer white polyolefin jacket for an additional measure of safety protecting wiring insulation from, abrasion, fretting, cracking, and damage from high temperatures. The cables are clearly identified making installations fast and trouble free.

Cost Effective
The Sport Hub eliminates the time consuming, difficult, error-prone hand wiring methods used today in panel wiring. Avionic installations and upgrades are simplified by nearly eliminated the complicated technical details required for the avionic’s interconnect wiring. Labor time and costs, ground loops and other problems, and aircraft downtime are drastically reduced.

You can rest assured that you will not be chasing wiring errors in our cables. We test every cable to guarantee 100% compliance to your requirements for both electrical and physical integrity. Our processes and practices allow us to achieve and ensure consistent total quality.

"It works great and
looks beautiful"

K.D - Auburn, CA