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Spider Hub

The Spider Hub is the latest innovation from Approach Systems of "Plug & Play" wiring for your aircraft. Intercom installations have never been so fast and clean to wire.

Easy To Install
The Spider Hub can be used in any aircraft from older retrofits and upgraded avionics in certified aircraft, to new home-builts. Approach has designed the Spider Hub with high quality, easy to install connectors that are used throughout the aviation industry. All of the soldering, pin research, diagrams, crimping and wire stripping have been taken care of in our pre-built cables and hub. You can leave your soldering iron out of the aircraft throughout the complete intercom installation. Wiring distances and your intercom model is all of the information we need to complete your configuration.

The Spider Hub will connect directly with your Garmin 340, PS-Engineering, Bendix King, and UPS Audio or Intercom system. All of your cables are terminated with the applicable connectors and clearly labeled. You will not need to solder, crimp, or strip any wires to complete your installation.

The Spider Hub is compact and lightweight allowing installation anywhere behind the instrument panel. It is made of durable 5052 aluminum with gold alodyned for centralized grounding. Hub connectors are of the highest quality assuring strong electrical connections and a long life. The Spider Hub is not considered an "active" component and is only used for avionic interconnections. The internal wiring is engineered on a high grade commercial PC board.

Headset/Mic Cables
Wiring for the aircraft's headsets is complete and terminated on both ends. We provide you with headphone and mic jacks already soldered and ready to install. The Spider Hub end of the cable is terminated with RJ-11 jacks for the passengers and DB-9 connectors for the pilot and co-pilot. Commercial airliners use similar connectors on the aircraft they build and fly today. The cables are built to manufacturer's requirements including shielded, milspec wires. In addition, the cables have an outer white polyolefin jacket for an additional measure of safety protecting wiring insulation from abrasion, fretting, and cracking The cables are properly grounded to eliminate any ground looping problems.

Cost Effective
The Spider Hub eliminates the time consuming, difficult, error-prone hand wiring methods used today. Intercom installations and upgrades are simplified by nearly eliminated the complicated technical details required for intercom wiring. Labor charges, ground loops and other problems, and aircraft downtime are drastically reduced.

You can rest assured that you will not be chasing wiring errors in our cables. We test every harness to guarantee 100% compliance to your requirements for both electrical and physical integrity. Our processes and practices allow us to achieve and ensure consistent total quality.

360 Degree view of the Spider Hub
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