APIC Support - Data Updates

Data/Software updates for APIC are available every 56 days.  When data updates are available an email will be sent to all customers notifying them of the new data available.  There are two ways to update the software and data, which is the same for both Map, Pro, and Glass:


1) Run the UpdateApic.exe program which downloads the latest data/APIC application directly from the internet into your computer. UpdateApic.exe is found in the directory C:\Program Files\Approach\APIC\data (Windows only).


2) Downloading the installer for the latest version of APIC (which contains the latest data/application files) and essentially reinstalling the program.  After you have downloaded the updates, UNZIP the compressed folder and ONLY run the APIC North America Install unless prompted to do otherwise in the notification email, on the website, or in the update information page.  The other two files are included incase you need to reinstall the program or if you need new terrain/geo data.