APIC Support - FAQ

What does "APIC" mean? APIC is an acronym for Approach Pilot Integrated Cockpit.

How do I setup my CF card or Bluetooth GPS? Open the Settings menu, and then open the Connections submenu. Select the proper COM Port and baud rate for the GPS that you are using (You may need to consult your hardware documentation for this information). Click Reset then OK. That's it! This is one of the trickiest parts of setting up APIC. For more information or help on connecting your Bluetooth GPS see the "Bluetooth Setup" Page.

How often is the APIC software and data updated? APIC software is updated on a 56 day cycle. By simply purchasing the updates at a minimal yearly price you will be able to login on our website with your email and password and begin downloading the updates immediately. The updates include any software changes, new features, bug fixes, airport and map updates.

How do I download the software? Go to the Downloads page and click on the link next to "New Monthly Update." Next, login using your e-mail address, and your password. Then, open the "Download Updates" link, and download the zip folder containing the new APIC update. Once the zip folder is saved, extract it, and run APICNorthAmericaInstall.pda.exe (the file name may be slightly different if you are downloading for a different region, or for APIC Windows). You do not need to update the Terrain, or GeoData if you have previously installed that data.

My Approach Plates won't display in APIC, or they aren't working properly. What do I do? The most common problem that causes the Approach Plates to not display or function improperly in APIC is that they are loaded incorrectly. Ensure that the Approach Plates are loaded in this directory:
Program Files\Approach\Apic\Data\United States\Plates.
(This directory may be slightly different depending on your device.)

Also, make sure that the approach plate calibration files are loaded in each of the state folders. For example, in the folder TX, there should exist the calibration file named PlatesGeoRef.TX.bin. If the Approach Plates still aren't working properly after checking the above mentioned items, contact APIC support for more help (support@approach-systems.com).

How does the Attitude indicator work? The attitude indicator is driven by the GPS. The real-time GPS data is used by APIC to calculate the rate of turn compared to the forward motion, and the rate of climb or decent of the airplane.

Does APIC have weather included? Yes, weather is fully integrated into the APIC software. It is compatible with the WxWorx XM receiver.

Does APIC have databases for foreign countries? Yes. APIC has data for over 230 countries. See the APIC Country Data List to see if APIC has data for the country that you fly in.

What kind of GPS do I need? Any GPS unit that connects to your device through a serial port and that is compatible with your computer or PDA will work with APIC. See the Hardware Recommendation page for more information.

Can I run APIC on my PALM device? Currently APIC is only designed to run on Windows Pocket PC 2003 and Windows Mobile 5.0 formatted devices. APIC will also work on any Windows XP tablet or laptop.

How much does APIC cost? Please refer to our pricelist for prices of APIC products and accessories.

How much are the 56 day updates and how do I get them? See the pricelist for pricing information.

The updates are downloadable. When you purchase the update package you will supply your email address, and we will send a confirmation email to that account with a password and a link to our website where you can download those updates every 56 days. You will be informed by email every month when the update comes out.

Can I use my Garmin GPS as input into my PDA, and do you recommend this? A Garmin GPS can be integrated to work with APIC through a cable, and sometimes requires additional software. Approach does not recommend doing this because of the low price of GPS units for PDAs and because the added reliability and redundancy of using a second GPS makes sense.

How do I create a Flight Plan in Apic? Tapping the APIC->Flight Plan menu item will display a dialog where you can enter a flight plan, open a saved flight plan and activate the flight plan.
To enter a flight plan:

Tap the "Flight Plan->Add->Airport, Navaid, Waypoint or User Waypoint

Enter the 3 or 4 letter identifier of an airport, navaid, or waypoint or the name of a user waypoint.

Add as many airports, navaids, waypoints or user waypoints as desired.

Tap the "Flight Plan->Save Flight Plan" button to save the flight plan just entered. It will be saved in a file named 2.flt.

Tap the "Activate" button to initiate the flight plan.

For further information on flight planning please refer to the APIC Users Manual.

How many flight plans can I create and save with APIC? APIC doesn't have a limit on the number of flight plans you can create; the only limitation is that of your unit's memory.

Where can I purchase APIC? Information on APIC is available on our website. If you have questions or would like to make a purchase, you can email us or call one of our sales representatives. Please visit our Contact Us page.

What is your return policy? Because we ship you the software and a license key, we do not allow returns on software. If you would like to demo our software please download a copy from our website and use the 30 day trial period before purchasing. Click here to read more about our return policy.