APIC Support - GPS Connection

1)    Your GPS must connect to your computer as a serial port, whether it is a Bluetooth or USB GPS. Some GPS receivers do not output GPS information through a serial port and cannot be used with APIC.


2)    Make sure that all drivers for the GPS are installed. See GPS receiver's documentation for information on the device driver specifications.


3)    Open the Settings/Connections menu in APIC and configure it with the correct COM port and baud rate.

    a) To find which COM port your GPS is on, you can check in the Device Manager (right-click on My Computer, open the properties menu, open the hardware tab, and click on the Device Manager Button) under the Ports menu. The correct COM port should be labeled with the name of your GPS or something of the like.

    b) GPS receivers usually run on 4800 baud but you may want to check the documentation of the GPS receiver to make sureā€¦ some do run on 9600 baud; it just depends on your device.

    c) Reset the connections by clicking the reset button next to the GPS baud rate, then click ok.  APIC will then wait for GPS to acquire satellites and then will output navigation data.