APIC Support - GPS Connection

Windows Mobile PPC2003, 5.0, 6.0

Select a GPS Device:







Step 1 - Turn on Bluetooth GPS Device

Step 2 - Enable Bluetooth Radio on PDA


Part A



Part B

Turn On Bluetooth, then open the Bluetooth Manager



Step 3: Pair Bluetooth GPS Receiver with your PDA

Part A

Once in the Bluetooth Manager, Click NEW


Part B

Click "Explore a Bluetooth device" then Next


Part C

Your device should appear in the "Explore a Bluetooth Device" screen.  Select your Bluetooth device, then click Next.


Part D

Select the "BT-GPS COM Port" or "Serial Port" from the list.  Click Next.


Part E

You may be required to enter a Passkey.  You may have to check your documentation for your Bluetooth GPS Receiver for your Passkey.  Typically Passkeys are 4-digit numbers, such as 0000, 1111, or 1234.  Click ok when finished entering Passkey.


Part F

You will then see an icon with your Bluetooth GPS's name below.  Tap and HOLD on the icon until the above menu appears.  Click Connect.


Part G

The icon should now appear green with two green arrows. 

Your GPS is now paired with your PDA, and you are ready to setup your GPS in APIC.


Step 4: Configure GPS Settings in APIC

Automatic Setup

Simply click the "Auto" box, and APIC will automatically connect to your GPS.


Manual Setup

Part A

Open the Com Ports Menu from the Settings Page


Part B

Click the GPS Connection COM port menu. 

Select one of the Bluetooth Serial Port COM Ports.  It may be either of the COM ports labeled such, if one doesn't work then try the other.

Set the Speed to either 4800 or 9600 (see product manual for this information).  Most Bluetooth GPS receivers are typically 4800 baud.

Tap the Reset button to the right of the GPS Speed, then DONE


Part C

Open the Satellite Screen, wait for the GPS to get a signal... then go Go Fly!