APIC Support - Installation

Having trouble downloading or installing APIC?

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MOST COMMON Installation Errors

1) When installing on a PDA, if you receive an error saying:

      “APIC is not a valid Pocket PC Application

This is because you installed the Pocket PC 2003 version of APIC on a Windows Mobile 5.0 device, or vice versa.  To fix the problem, uninstall APIC, then reinstall the version corresponding to the operating system you are using. 

(See below, “Installing on a PDA” for more information on how to do this)


2) APIC will not run on the "Smartphone" Editions of Windows Mobile.  If you get an error such as: "The installation file is not intended for this device" that may mean that your device runs Windows Mobile "Smartphone" Edition.  Approach Systems does not have a "Smartphone" Edition because typically these devices do not have enough processing power to run APIC, as well as having very small screen sizes, which makes APIC difficult to use.


3) When installing on a PC, you receive a message saying:

    "The dynamic link library gdiplus.dll could not be found in the specified path..."


This means that the Dynamic Link Library (dll) gdiplus.dll (which APIC uses to run certain functions) is missing from your computer.  There are two solutions to this problem:

    a) Run Windows Update Application and download all new windows updates.  The gdiplus.dll should be installed in one of the update packages that you are missing.

    b) Goto:http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=6A63AB9C-DF12-4D41-933C-BE590FEAA05A&displaylang=en and download the GDI+ Redistributable Package.bh. 



There are 4 individual installations to complete when initially installing APIC:

  • 1) APIC Engine/Aviation Data
  • 2) Terrain Data
  • 3) Geographical Data
  • 4) Weather WX XM Link (install only if you have a WX receiver)

All four must be installed for APIC to function correctly.

Install these data packages before installing Approach Plates.

Installing on a PDA

When installing on a PDA, make sure that you install the correct version of the software that corresponds to operation system you are running. If you aren't sure which operating system you are running on your PDA, you can check by opening the Settings Menu, then the System tab, then the About menu. The About menu should display the version of your operating system. Below there should be the software version number.

6.xx.xxx - Windows Mobile 6.0*

5.xx.xxx - Windows Mobile 5.0

4.xx.xxx - Windows Mobile 2003 - Will not run Approach Plates

3.xx.xxx - Windows Mobile 2002 - Is not compatible with APIC

If an incorrect version of APIC is installed on your PDA, you will receive an error message saying something like:

"APIC in not a valid Windows Mobile Application"

If you receive this error, uninstall APIC, then reinstall it making sure to select the version compatible with your operating system.

 *Note: Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0 run the same version of APIC.  When installing on a 6.0 device, install the 5.0 version.

Check the system requirements to see if APIC will work on your device!


Installing on Windows

You may need to install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 if you have problems running this version of APIC. You can install these packages by running the Microsoft Update utility.

Having problems with the install?

1) Uninstall any Approach applications.

2) Check the "Program Files" folder to make sure that there are no "Approach" folders left. If there are, delete them.

3) If you have sufficient memory available on the device (>60MB free), install APIC entirely on device memory.

4) If you have limited memory available on the device (20-40MB free)*

5) Install ApicNorthAmericaInstall.pda.exe to main device memory.

6) Install NorthAmericaGeoDataInstall.pda.exe to the storage card.

7) Install WestTerrainInstall.pda.exe to the storage card.


*If you have very limited memory available on the device (<25MB free) you should install everything on the storage card.



If you still have problems, please try to find out the following information before contacting support at support@approach-systems.com.


1) What OS are you running? (Windows XP/Vista, Pocket PC 2003 SE [Windows Mobile 4.0], Windows Mobile 5.0 or 6.0.)

2) How much main memory does your device have available?

3) Does your device have an SD card and if so how much free memory does it have?

4) What is the date of the file downloaded?

5) If you are able to install at least a portion of APIC and get to the "About" dialog, what is the build date on the "About" dialog?