APIC Support - Approach Plates

For a full walk-through and more information about using Approach Plates, please see the APIC Approach Plate Installation Walk-Through
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Installation Instructions

1) If you are installing the APIC Approach Plates from a CD, Insert Approach Plate CD, and it will automatically launch the Approach Plate Manager. If you downloaded the plates using an email link you need to manually run the file ManageDTPP.exe, which will also launch the Approach Plates Manager.


2 ) Once running the Approach Plate Manager Select the plates you wish to install and then click copy. (Powerpoint presentation explains this step in more detail)


3) To verify that the Approach Plates have installed correctly you can check in the Plates directory:

Program files\Approach\Apic\Data\United States\Plates

In this directory there should be a folder for each state named with the two letter abbreviation of that state (NY, WA, CA, etc). Make sure that these state folders have the Approach Plates for that state in them. If not you will need to reinstall the plates.

*You can also copy the files manually from the CD directly to the above mentioned directory.



PDA Memory Issue

If you are running the APIC Approach Plates on a PDA and when you open an Approach Plate, and nothing shows up, you may need to free up more memory on your device by copying files saved in the main memory to a storage card. If there is not enough memory free memory to display the Approach Plate, APIC will display an empty screen.


Georeferencing and Real-Time Location Display

If an Approach Plate does not project your location onto it, there are a couple of things you can check to make sure that APIC has all the necessary data to run the Approach Plate projection.


In each of the state folders mentioned above, which contain the plates there should be a plate calibration file (PlatesGeoRef.CA.bin, PlatesGeoRef.NY.bin, etc). If this file is missing you may need to reinstall the plates from the CD.


Check the calibration marks on the Approach Plate. If the calibration marks seem to be placed where there is no waypoint, intersection, or point of interest (see picture below), please report this plate to support@approach-systems.com by submitting the name of the state, airport identifier, and approach name. The plate calibrations are quality controlled for calibration errors, but because there are so many plates, occasionally there may be an error. We hope to correct these with customers' help.


Still Have Problems...?

If you are still experiencing problems installing the Approach Plates, please contact Approach Systems (support@approach-systems.com) with the following information:

1) Which operating systems is running on your device?

       ( Pocket PC 2003 [WM4.0], WM 5.0, WM 6.0, XP, Vista)

2) Which version of APIC are you running?

        (This information in available on the "about" menu in APIC)

3) If using a PDA, Did you install APIC onto the storage card on your PDA, or the main memory?

4) What is the file path that you are installing the Approach Plates to?

        (ie. \Storage Card\Approach\Apic)

4) If using a PDA is Microsoft ActiveSync (XP) or Windows Mobile Device Center (Vista) installed on the desktop computer you are using to load the Approach Plates onto your device? If so, what version?

5) Which version of Approach Plates are you trying to install on your PDA

        (should be a 4-digit code ie. 0802)

6) Describe in detail each step you've taken to install the Approach Plates and what exactly it is that you are getting hung up on.