APIC PDA Support - Troubleshoot Guide

1) On a PDA, when I enable items in the Geographical Data or Aviation Data Menu, APIC crashes and will no longer open.

Typically this means that you have loaded too many data files into the main         memory of your PDA. APIC will try and reload these files each time you start APIC, but with insufficient memory is will crash upon initialization.

To resolve this problem:

a) To get APIC to start again you can delete the file:

            Program Files\APIC\Data\APICStoredData.txt

This will return APIC to it's default settings, and it will be able to start because it wont load all the data into memory upon initialization


b) Free Up Memory as much memory as possible on your PDA.  Put all the data that you can onto an SD of CF card to free up as much of the memory on your PDA to run APIC.  This includes putting APIC and all associated data onto the storage card.


c) Don't turn on too many of the Aviation Data and Geographical data databases at the same time.  This will cause APIC to run slower and possibly crash if your PDA memory is too limited.



2) On a PDA, APIC shows strange symbols in some of the screens (Nearest Airports, Satellite Connection...etc.)

This means that there is some foreign font that has been installed on your PDA at some point by another software program. APIC is using this font to display some of the text in the program

To resolve this problem:

Locate the foreign font in: My Device\Windows\Fonts. Open the folder and delete any fonts in there. APIC should run normally after this.