APIC Support - APIC Tutorial

The following are PowerPoint presentations designed to demonstrate some of the basic features of APIC, and to help users familiarize themselves with the software.


Views - Demo of how to operate and customize instrumentation views in APIC


Settings - Demo of how to configure and customize the settings in APIC.


Sim Mode - Demo of how to use, activate, and deactivate the simulation mode.


Checklist - Demonstration of how to use and customize checklists in APIC.


Flight Planning, Direct-To, & Route Tracking - Demonstration and directions of how to create a flight plan, a "Direct-to", and import .kml files into Google Earth


Airport Info - Demo of how to open and use the Airport Information Dialogue Box.


Custom Data - Tutorial of how to load and display custom data on the moving map.


Traffic Awareness - Coming Soon...


Autopilot Output - Coming Soon...