Wire an avionics stack in less than 3 hours with Fast Stack.

Approach is pioneering the field of avionic wiring and installation. We are setting the standard with a modernized approach that makes sense. It all starts with the modular Fast Stack system based on Approach’s Fast Stack Hubs and Cables.

Our Fast Stack solutions help customers, dealers, and aircraft manufacturers drastically reduce avionic install times and costs, eliminate hand wiring errors and electrical ground loops, decrease aircraft down times and transform the area behind the instrument panel from a wiring nightmare to easy manageability. Avionic upgrades can now take less than an hour and a full avionic stack install can be done in less than 3 hours.

But it doesn’t end there. Approach is constantly widening its compatibilities not only the newer avionics in the marketplace, but with older devices that most of us still fly with. We are constantly looking for new opportunities and listen to our customers to make our products easier and better.

Take a few minutes to review the differences shown below between traditional hand wiring and debugging and using the Fast Stack system when installing a typical IFR stack. Approach’s products and technology is the logical approach.

Traditional hand wiring and debugging process

It's not actually feasible to show everything that goes into hand wiring and debugging an avionics stack. The process takes days or weeks and involves a tremendous amount of time to individually run wires, debug the connections and cross-reference installation manuals, pinout guides and interconnection schematics. It's the same process used 50 years ago which always leads to high install costs, long aircraft downtimes and a rat's nest of wires behind your panel.

Wiring avionics using the Fast Stack system

The Fast Stack products necessary to wire and interconnect this avionics stack are shown to the left. No spools of wire or stacks of installation manuals and pinout guides required here.

First, install the Fast Stack Hub Mounting Tray. The Fast Stack Hub slides into the tray providing easy access for cable and avionics upgrades and changes in the future.

Take a standard Fast Stack "ready-built" cable and insert into the Hub connector. Fast Stack cables and hubs are all properly labeled providing easy, trouble-free installation.

Take the other end of the cable and plug it into the specific avionic device. Every cable comes prepared with flying leads for power, ground and lighting. Power and ground leads go to the circuit breakers and the lighting leads go to the lighting rheostat.

Take the second Fast Stack cable and plug it into the hub.

With the second cable in the hub, plug the other end into the specific avionic device. As you plug in the avionic devices into the hub--all of the avionics interconnections begin taking shape. All interconnections occur within the hub making avionic installs fast and error-free. All Fast Stack hubs and cables are standard, off-the-shelf products. When you decide to upgrade or replace any avionic device--the only thing required will be a new Fast Stack cable.

Two devices are now interconnected. It's that easy! Just continue plugging in the rest of the avionics stack and you're done. Our customers report they can wire a typical IFR avionics stack in under 3 hours.

Here is a Fast Stack system in action!

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